Dr Swatantra Jain

Senior Doctor

Dr. Swatantra Jain is a renowned doctor, a philanthropist, an inspirational and motivational creator. He is the President of liberation world peace, pleasure, prosperity trust. At the same time, he is the President of International Human Rights Organization, Indore. Dr. Jain was born on January 1, 1949 in Bhopal and received the degree of engineering from Maulana Azad College of Technology, Bhopal. He handled various positions in the Legislative Assembly, executed his work with utmost efficiency and hard work and took retirement from time to superintendent post.

Meanwhile, he also received the title of Doctor of Medicine (Alternative Medicine).

He handled various patients with his counseling, advice and treatment for their suffering, sickness and problems, so that they become free from many serious and complicated diseases. He has carried forward the work of those institutions with full authority while being the Chairman and Secretary of various religious and social institutions.

  • As the President of International Human Rights Organization Indore, he is working for public welfare, social uplift and equality and to overcome the helplessness, and distress of poor people by trying to keep them in before central and state governments.
  • He Have been coming on, Bhaskar, for six months for the welfare of the people.
  • Thousands of people from India and abroad keep in touch with you for their troubles and problems.

His other work

Muktiya produces The Light of Happiness everywhere. It deals with inherent properties of every human being and explains “Who We Are” and how can we achieve our own infinite power, pleasure and peace. ​Mukti literaray means freedom from all worries. Muktiya produces peace,pleasure ,prosperity to every human being in all corners of life. Muktiya liberates people from all worldly pains, suffering problems, hunger, aloneness, insecurity, depression, loss of confidence, chronic disease,heart disease, heart break, bruising, assault etc. Muktiya increases positive energy of every person very fast to nullify his negative energy so that he can live happily with endless power, energy & youthfulness.

  • Muktiya World Peace, Pleasure, Prosperity Trust.
  • Muktiya Natural-Homoeopathy Hospital

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Make an appointment and we’ll contact you.

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