In modern world of toxic environment and diseases and with access to different treatments and medical practices the patient is still suffering and not completely cured even after spending lakhs of rupees on different treatments and surgeries

We take up and heal all the patients of brain and spine related disorders as follows :

  • Causes of spinal cord disorders include injuries, infections, a blocked blood supply, and compression by a fractured bone or a tumor.
  • Typically, muscles are weak or paralyzed, sensation is abnormal or lost, and controlling bladder and bowel function may be difficult.
  • Doctors base the diagnosis on symptoms and results of a physical examination and imaging tests, such as magnetic resonance imaging.
  • The condition causing the spinal cord disorder is corrected if possible.
  • Often, rehabilitation is needed to recover as much function as possible.
  • The spine is divided into four sections, and each section is referred to by a letter.
  • Cervical (C): Neck
  • Thoracic (T): Chest
  • Lumbar (L): Lower back
  • Sacral (S): Pelvis

Make an appointment and we’ll contact you.


Make an appointment and we’ll contact you.

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